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In pictures: Ukraine protests dispersed

image captionPolice in Ukraine have forcefully dispersed a protest against the government's decision not to sign a wide-ranging deal with the European Union.
image captionThey arrived in numbers to chase the protesters away from Independence Square in the capital, Kiev.
image captionIt was not long before the confrontation became violent, with police charging against the protesters to force them out.
image captionSome of the injured were treated in ambulances at the scene.
image captionReuters photographer Gleb Garanich was among those injured - but continued taking pictures of the violence.
image captionSeveral protesters were dragged away into detention.
image captionSome tried to stop police vans taking away those who had been arrested.
image captionAround 1,000 protesters had been demanding the resignation of President Viktor Yanukovych before police arrived.
image captionLater, workers came to clean the square.
image captionAnd police have now put up metal barriers to prevent the protesters from returning.
image captionSome made their way to St Michael's cathedral after the skirmishes - contemplating their next move.
image captionThey were joined by thousands more to press their demands. A bigger rally is expected on Sunday.
image captionAmong them were these two young people who had just exchanged their vows.