In pictures: Trayvon Martin protests after Zimmerman freed

image captionProtests, largely peaceful, have been taking place across the US over George Zimmerman's acquittal for the killing of black teenager Trayvon Martin. Times Square in New York City was filled.
image captionIn Los Angeles, angry demonstrators stopped traffic on a freeway. LA has been scarred by race riots in the past - in 1967 and 1992 - but there was no unrest this time.
image captionMany protesters - like JoAnn Vega in Miami - donned hooded sweatshirts as a sign of solidarity with the 17-year-old, who was wearing a hoodie on the night he was shot.
image captionPresident Barack Obama called Trayvon Martin's death "a tragedy for America" and appealed for calm. By and large, demonstrators complied.
image captionMany African-American protesters - like this woman holding a sign in Jacksonville, Florida - identify with Trayvon Martin and his family.
image captionIn Detroit, which has a large African-American population, crowds gathered to show their anger at the verdict. Mr Zimmerman's lawyers argued he acted in self-defence.
image captionAlthough most protests were peaceful, there was some disorder in Oakland, California. Some protesters broke windows and set small fires, like this one put out by police.

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