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The Britons grounded by French air traffic control strike

Image caption The school applied for a collective passport to take 21 children to Paris but it is only valid for an exact date and it is unlikely to be re-issued before the pupils leave primary school

How do you tell a group of primary school pupils their leavers' trip to Paris is cancelled because of strikes by French air traffic controllers?

More than 200 flights in and out of the UK have been cancelled because workers are protesting against EU plans to create a single European airspace.

The European Commission says the plan could reduce costs and delays and increase air capacity. The workers say it will endanger public safety and affect their working conditions.

You have been sharing your stories of how the strikes have affected you:

Leavers' trip to Paris cancelled

Classroom assistant Jennifer McLaughlan from Kilbirnie in Ayrshire says she's heartbroken the Glengarnock Primary School leavers' trip to Disneyland Paris has been cancelled.

"How do you break it to 21 kids aged 11 and 12 that they won't be going on their school trip to Paris?

Image caption "I'm heartbroken", says Mrs McLaughlan

They've only got two more weeks left of primary school and from the moment they join they know they will go on this trip.

Nobody is well-off now but for some of these kids it will be their only chance to go abroad.

Some of them have never left Ayrshire let alone Scotland. Their parents have worked really hard to save up for them to go away.

We've been planning this trip for a year, because whenever you want to take children away it involves an enormous amount of planning.

I am just heartbroken for them. We even had hats made up saying Paris Tour and they were so excited.

The strike is off tomorrow but that's too late for us. We applied for a collective school passport and it is only valid for one day of travel and can't be transferred.

The worst thing is, we normally go by boat but this year we decided to fly and now this has happened."

Father misses daughter's 18th birthday

Image caption Becca Smartt (rt) has been forced to celebrate her 18th birthday without her father Andrew whose flight was delayed in Alicante

Becca Smartt from Lytham St Annes in Lancashire is celebrating her 18th birthday today without her father Andrew who is stuck in Javea in Spain unable to get a flight back to see her.

"I really want him to be here. He has been fixing up our villa out there and was meant to be coming back this afternoon for my birthday but the flight was delayed and delayed and now I'm not sure he is going to make it back.

I had to go out without him in the end. I'm having a family meal with my mum and my sisters and then I'm going out with my friends later.

Dad's been away for a while now. I just want him to be here.

Dad please come home, I really miss you."

No flights? No income from holiday lets

Richard Bicknell, 54, from Pepieux in the south of France says his rental business will be hit badly by the strikes.

Image caption Rental manager Richard Bicknell says the threat of strikes puts guests off

"My daughter was due to come out for a week today, she is now stuck in Bristol and has been waiting for 45 minutes in a queue to see if she can still fly out to stay with us.

She has no real alternative to travel to us and if she's unable to fly she'll have to visit later in the year.

Here in Pepieux we have a large house for holiday rentals, this is our sole income. Without flights to and from France we will not have any guests and therefore no income. The constant threat of strikes is more than enough to put people off booking.

The threat of strikes will be hanging over us all summer; it's not been a great year for bookings and this will make a bad situation worse.

The French and other air traffic controllers must wake up to that fact that practices have to move and improve with time for the benefit of all."

Third time lucky?

Nick Gommon, a 41-year-old business support manager from Norbury in London is hoping his family will manage to avoid having a third family event disrupted by flight cancellations.

"My sister missed my wedding in April 2011 because of the ash cloud then she missed my son's christening due to a strike and this weekend is my parents golden wedding anniversary party and also my mother's 70th birthday and she is stuck in Barcelona with three kids and no flights out. I am beside myself with disgust and shock.

When she rang me I was in a meeting and she sounded gutted. She was calling me from the airport and said her flight had been cancelled.

I thought, no, not again, please not again.

My mother is beside herself thinking that her whole family won't be there for the party."

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