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7 September 2015 Last updated at 15:43

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  • Prof Brian Cox Watch

    A beginner's guide to the Big Bang

  • Nigella Lawson Watch

    Domestic goddess's naughtiest kitchen secret

  • Serena Williams Watch

    Tennis champ on the killing of her sister Yetunde

  • Dawn French Watch

    'Short, bossy and cheerful'

  • Stephen Fry Watch

    Broadcaster & author talks smugness and magic

  • Elle Macpherson Watch

    What the supermodel looks for in a man

  • Ricky Gervais Watch

    on science and atheist beliefs

  • Danny DeVito Watch

    followed around by penguin jokes

  • Sir Richard Branson Watch

    on wealth, work and breaking records

  • Juliette Binoche Watch

    'I could have done anything'

  • Michael McIntyre Watch

    on the difficulty of making his wife laugh

  • Simon Schama Watch

    'Out of control' on journey through history

  • Caitlin Moran Watch

    Why being a woman is "frequently hilarious"

  • Tinie Tempah Watch

    Are his lyrics sexist?

  • Tracey Emin Watch

    Artist 'cares what people think'

  • Richard Dawkins Watch

    on death, being good and the point of life

  • Hulk Hogan Watch

    Confessions of a wrestler: 'I got really scared'

  • Chris Addison Watch

    on facing the full force of Malcolm Tucker

  • Sesame Street Watch

    Cookie Monster, Elmo, Big Bird, Grover and Oscar the Grouch

  • Danny Baker Watch

    Broadcaster Danny Baker talks to Matthew Stadlen about why he talks so fast, his father, the secret of good radio, cancer and why he was never "in love" with football

  • Iain M Banks Watch

    Author Iain M Banks talks to Matthew Stadlen about why he is published under two names, whether he is as dark as some of his writing, the importance of science fiction and how he would modify his own body.

  • Steven Berkoff Watch

    Actor, director and playwright Steven Berkoff talks to Matthew Stadlen about why theatre matters, directing his own performances, the appeal of performing a one man show and what total theatre is.

  • Paul Bettany Watch

    Actor Paul Bettany, star of Wimbledon, A Beautiful Mind and the voice of Jarvis the computer in the Iron Man films, talks to Matthew Stadlen about getting into character, what he looks for in a role, working with his wife Jennifer Connelly and why he used to lie about his height.

  • Giles Coren Watch

    Writer and broadcaster Giles Coren talks to Matthew Stadlen about his reputation for being angry, the process of writing newspaper columns, his relationship with sub-editors and being a restaurant critic.

  • Jessica Ennis Watch

    Olympic champion Jessica Ennis talks to Matthew Stadlen about what attracted her to the heptathlon, the importance of winning gold at London 2012, whether she will defend her title in Rio, and the difficulty of cold Tuesday mornings.

  • Paloma Faith Watch

    Singer Paloma Faith talks to Matthew Stadlen about her image, her best and worst qualities, feeling completely at home on stage and why she is unable to lie.

  • Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Watch

    The cook and food campaigner discusses meat, morality and double barrels

  • Sir John Eliot Gardiner Watch

    Conductor Sir John Eliot Gardiner talks to Matthew Stadlen about the pleasures and challenges of his job, his favourite piece of music, whether there will ever be another Beethoven and why farming is so important to him.

  • Ellie Goulding Watch

    Pop star Ellie Goulding talks to Matthew Stadlen about what inspires her songs, the experience of playing live, coping with fame and her fascination with dead bodies.

  • Richard Hammond Watch

    Presenter Richard Hammond talks to Matthew Stadlen about turning down a university place, being asked car questions at parties, whether he passed his driving test first time - and how his now-famous car accident changed his life.

  • Harry Hill Watch

    on TV Burp, stand-up comedy and his favourite television show

  • Eamonn Holmes Watch

    TV presenter Eamonn Holmes talks to Matthew Stadlen about television sofas, growing up in a large family, working with his wife, keeping his views to himself on air... and does his impression of country singer Johnny Cash.

  • Leona Lewis Watch

    The multi-platinum selling, Grammy award-winning singer Leona Lewis talks to Matthew Stadlen about keeping her private life private, how her songs come about, and her relationship with Simon Cowell.

  • Katie Melua Watch

    Singer Katie Melua talks to Matthew Stadlen about growing up in Georgia, how power cuts shaped her early musical experiences, why music matters and playing a concert under the sea.

  • Brian Moore Watch

    Former England hooker and rugby commentator Brian Moore talks to Matthew Stadlen about the appeal of playing in the front row, his difficulty with praise, being the victim of sexual abuse as a child, and why he never read Shakespeare to his teammates before matches.

  • Sir Paul Nurse Watch

    Nobel Prize-winning geneticist and cell biologist Sir Paul Nurse talks to Matthew Stadlen about why science excites him, how he found out about winning the Nobel through a voicemail message, discovering his 'sister' was really his mother - and coming face to face with death.

  • Jamie Oliver Watch

    Chef Jamie Oliver talks to Matthew Stadlen about changing people's eating habits, keeping in touch with all his different business interests, dealing with criticism, how fame has not changed him, and why he would eat chips for breakfast.

  • Victoria Pendleton Watch

    Olympic track cycling champion Victoria Pendleton talks to Matthew Stadlen about being competitive, why she enjoys training, the comedown from winning a gold medal and being a twin.

  • Grayson Perry Watch

    Artist Grayson Perry talks to Matthew Stadlen about the burden of being an artist, the definition of taste, why he thinks shock is a tired concept and wearing women's clothes.

  • Robert Peston Watch

    BBC News business editor Robert Peston talks to Matthew Stadlen about making the switch from newspapers to broadcasting, how he sees his role as a journalist, the thrill of getting a scoop and why he loves Twitter.

  • Zia Haider Rahman Watch

    Civil rights lawyer's first novel tackles class, exile and racism

  • Robbie Savage Watch

    Former Premier League and Welsh national footballer Robbie Savage talks to Matthew Stadlen about why he used to dive, becoming a pundit, his record for yellow cards, dealing with "trolls" on Twitter and he is really a shy, insecure person.

  • Will Self Watch

    Author and journalist on pessimism, drugs and "everythingitis"

  • Ellie Simmonds Watch

    Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds speaks to Matthew Stadlen about her life philosophy, the atmosphere when she won gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games, going back to school after the success of the 2008 Beijing Games, and why she does not see her dwarfism as a disability.

  • Mark Steel Watch

    Comedian Mark Steel talks to Matthew Stadlen about interruptions, how to influence public opinion, small town life and the difficulty of having original ideas.

  • Tim Vine Watch

    Comedian Tim Vine talks to Matthew Stadlen about getting his start in comedy, how he finds jokes that work, his faith, darts and the allure of the one-liner.

  • Benjamin Zephaniah Watch

    Poet Benjamin Zephaniah talks to Matthew Stadlen about being inspired by Bob Marley, leaving school at 13, why he became a Rastafarian and the story behind his number one record in Yugoslavia.