As it happened: Toulouse siege Day One

Key points

  • Toulouse siege of suspected gunman enters second day, as several hours pass without any apparent police action at the building in the north of the city.
  • Three explosions heard shortly before midnight at house where police are surrounding suspect in shooting of seven people.
  • The man inside the building where the operation is taking place has claimed affiliation to al-Qaeda, says Interior Minister Claude Gueant.
  • The man informed police he wanted to "avenge Palestinian children" and denounced French "crimes" in Afghanistan.
  • The authorities have linked the Ozar Hatorah school shootings to the killing of three soldiers last week.
  • The funerals of the rabbi and children took place in Jerusalem and a memorial service is being held for the three soldiers at a base outside Toulouse.

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  • Nigel Pankhurst 
  • Michael Dobie 
  • Patrick Howse 
  • Stephanie Holmes 

Last updated 22 March 2012

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