Lisburn school with Glee appeal goes viral

By Fiona Murray
BBC News


A video made by the pupils of a County Antrim school has become an overnight internet sensation.

The film by Friends' School in Lisburn has so much Glee appeal it has attracted ten of thousands of hits since it went on the You-Tube website on Friday.

Featuring a cast of about 1,000 - including pupils and some teachers - the stars sing and dance their way around the school, as well as juggle, ride unicycles and rock climb.

And that's just to name but a few of the talents showcased for the world to see.

image captionThe pupils sing and dance throughout the school

It is produced by a teacher and a past pupil, but it wasn't a case of hiring in a professional camera crew.

Indeed, it was basically made using a digital camera, a tripod and a Mac Book.

Co-producer Matt Good, who is just 18, said he has been "gob smacked" by the reaction.

"This is massive, I can't really believe it. We didn't realise it was going to go this big so fast," he told the BBC.

"In the past 48 hours we have had 61,500 page views on it. People are commenting on it from here to Oregon to Melbourne.

"There have been so many tweets about it - from people like Zoe Salmon, MP Jeffrey Donaldson, rugby player Stephen Ferris, who is a past pupil, and the band, General Fiasco.

"We are just delighted with the reaction. My phone just hasn't stopped ringing."

The idea originated with PE teacher Stephen Robinson in an attempt to promote the school - something which is more commonly done at colleges in America.

With a background in film and drama, Matt was the perfect choice to work alongside his former teacher in a production which was filmed in 90 minutes, but took about two months to plan.

But were the logistics of getting so many people involved in the production completely overwhelming for the teenager?

image captionMatt Good is astounded at the success of the film

"We made storyboards and maps of the areas we wanted to use. We started with Year Eight and worked our way up to Sixth Year," he said.

"We have tapped into the talents of people at the school and have them doing random things. We have unicyclists, Irish dancers, jugglers and rock climbers. The pupils are dancing in and out of the corridors and rooms."

The pupils also sing along, or lip sync, to a number of songs during the video, including, by absolutely no co-incidence the theme tune from the sitcom Friends.

"That was an obvious choice given the name of the school," he said. "We wanted to promote a friendly atmosphere here.

"We shot the video and then placed the audio track over that. We had a boom box for the music - we shouted at the pupils telling them what part of the song we were at, so they would know what to sing. It was great fun."