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The traveller's view

Public sector workers are striking over proposed pension changes. The industrial action could involve up to two million people.

People flying to and from the UK have described to the BBC News website how Wednesday's strike has affected their travel plans.

Richard Rowley - Emigrating to the USA

Image caption Richard Rowley and his wife are emigrating

I was extremely disappointed to hear that the UK Border Agency staff were going to join the strike on Wednesday given their role in our national security and felt that they were being irresponsible.

My wife and I were due to emigrate to the USA on Wednesday. BA suggested we change our flights, yet advised that they plan to operate normally.

We decided to change to Tuesday rather than going later and getting caught in the potential aftermath of Wednesday's disruption.

After toiling with the BA site on my last day of work (luckily my work was fine with me doing it) we were able to re-book our flights.

This has also had the additional effect of getting everything ready in fewer days: changing all our plans getting to the airport and from the airport at the other end; getting our six bag excess luggage from one booking to the other; final payment of bills; handing in keys; the list goes on.

I'm sure I'll still be nervous until I'm actually on the flight in the air. Should there be any problems I've got a number I can call to get straight through to someone.

I have mixed emotions on the reasons for the strike. I am partly for and partly against. I believe that the pension for low earners needs to be protected.

I believe that earners over that should stop at a cap, and that additional contributions should be personally funded.

If they can't do the math themselves and see that it's not sustainable, then maybe it's time to privatise some of those elements of the public sector.

Paul Busby - Businessman, Oxford

Image caption Paul Busby and his wife don't know which airport they are flying into

My wife and I are currently away on vacation in Jamaica. Our flight back is due to land at 9am on the 30th at Gatwick.

We have seen reports of the strikes and have contacted our airline (Virgin) who have warned there may be severe delays. They recommended and have attempted to re-book us, but no further flights are available for at least seven days.

We are business owners and the delay of an additional week to our flight is simply not a realistic option, it would cause significant losses to our business. This is a very intensive time of the year with significant pressure to reach targets and perform.

The current market pressures have made this year even more difficult than usual, and we must return to the UK as soon as possible to be ready for the Christmas period and the New Year promotions.

So we are now faced with flying back into the UK not knowing what we'll face. We have been told there is concern that after the airport becomes "backlogged" flights may be diverted to different airports.

As responsible hard working UK citizens, we should be allowed a holiday without the trauma of returning to upheaval, uncertainty and strike action.

I find the strike action very disappointing. It's clear the country faces serious financial issues, we should be working together and must be prepared to make changes.

This may mean working longer, taking different pension arrangements, and cutting back.

In my opinion the union action is reckless, it will cause huge and completely unnecessary losses to business and the UK economy in general.

It will do nothing to help the country fight the terrible economic times we currently face and recover so that we can move back into growth and stability for all. It's time the unions looked at the bigger picture and stopped being the overbearing dinosaurs of the past