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22nd March

The new series ofThe Apprenticebegan last night. This year, Lord Sugar's search for his new business partner began in earnest with 16 potential business partners and 12 tough weeks. The first casualty of the year was on the sofa this morning after hearing the dreaded words, "you're fired".

Deadly 60presenterSteve Backshalllikes nothing better than eyeing up great hammerhead sharks, being charged by elephants or being mugged by pink river dolphins. So keen is he on the world's most dangerous animals that he's launching a third series of his programme. For this outing he's getting the lowdown on grizzly bears, great white sharks and lethal kestrels!

For over ten yearsAled Joneshas joined congregations in churches and cathedrals all over the country as the presenter ofSongs Of Praise. Later this year he will be visiting 15 cathedrals singing his favourite songs with each of the local choirs as part of his 'Cathedral Tour'. He came into the studio to tell Bill and Loui

15th March

The hotly anticipated film adaptation of the best selling bookThe Hunger Gameshad its UK premier last night. Some say it could be as big as the Twilight and Harry Potter franchises. The story centres on a group of teenagers who fight one another in a televised battle to the death. Jennifer Lawrence plays the lead character, 16-year-old whoKatniss Everdeen.

The tale of Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins has grabbed the attention of readers for over a century in Robert Louis Stevenson'sTreasure Island. But no one has ever tried to write a sequel, until now. The former poet laureateSir Andrew Motionhas written "Silver" which follows the adventures of the children of the main characters from the original classic.

At the height of the industrial revolution Britain was at the forefront of manufacturing textiles. But today, most fashion is made cheaply abroad and 25% of our clothing is imported from China alone. In her latest television series retail expertMary Portassets out to re-ignite the UK clothing industry by starting her own production line to make a key staple in any woman's wardrobe - 100% British knickers.

The time has come to say goodbye toSian, who's been presenting Breakfast for eleven years. We took a look at just a small selection of some of her top moments on Breakfast.

8th March

The Queen starts her Diamond Jubilee tour of the country today but she won't be alone - other members of the Royal Family have been hard at work too. Prince Harry is currently in Jamaica representing his grandmother, dishing out hugs to old friends and racing the world's fastest man. The Royal historianKate Williamsjoined us along withFiona Cowoodwho writes for Cosmopolitan magazine to tell us more about Harry's trip.

Last September,David Walliamstopped all his previous achievements by swimming one hundred and forty miles along the River Thames - that's the equivalent of swimming the length of the English Channel every day for eight days. The swim raised over a million pounds for Sport Relief. Tonight, a behind the scenes documentary -Big Splash- looks at the highs and lows of his gruelling challenge.

Howard Joneswas one of the biggest male solo acts of the eighties. Known for his pioneering brand of "synth-pop", and crazy hair styles, he not only conquered the UK but was also one of the few artists to make it big in the States. Now he's about the go back on tour, performing tracks from two of his most famous albums,Human's LibandDream Into Action.

They're the American family who became pop heartthrobs in the seventies. With their wholesome, clean-cut imageThe Osmondsplayed to huge crowds of screaming girls. These days "Osmond-mania" is as strong as ever. But there's mixed news for fans as the brothers are about to embark on what they say is their final UK tour.Jimmy,MerrillandJayjoined Charlie and Susanna this morning to tell us more.

23rd February

Today asLondon Fashion Weekcontinues, we looked at how men are taking more interest than ever in the way they dress.Gordon Richardsonand designerWayne Hemingwaywere on the sofa discussing how many men are upping the fashion stakes and choosing designer pieces over comfort clothes.

We spoke to writerKathy Letteabout her latest novel that tells the story about a mother struggling to raise her autistic son. It's a subject close to Kathy's heart as her own son has Asperger syndrome.The Boy Who Fell to Earthis available from Thursday 1st March

Grammy award-winning violinist -Joshua Belltalked to Breakfast about being on tour with theLondon Philharmonic Orchestraand busking in Washington. Joshua's new albumFrench Impressionsis out now.

2nd February

Jon Gommwas a musician doing gigs in a car park in Barnsley - that is untilStephen Frysaw him play on YouTube and tweeted the single word 'Wow'. The tweet helped him find fame and now Jon is being inundated with offers to play around the world. He came into Breakfast this morning to talk about the song that changed everything.

Ryan Reynoldshas played romantic heroes and comic book legends, but his latest role takes him into the gritty world of secret intelligence. He plays an rookie CIA agent who's desperate to see a little more action - and gets it when he crosses paths with rogue operativeDenzel Washington. Ryan was on the sofa to tell us more about his new film,Safe House.

It's not often on Breakfast we can offer you a selection of tribal, gospel and modern kwaito music that's been seen by over four million people around the world.Umojais a musical celebration of South African song and dance. The show has arrived in London and some of the cast were with us today, including creatorThembi.

Raymond Blanchas been spoiling the British with his incredible French cuisine for 40 years but remarkably he'd never cooked professionally in France until he filmed his latest television series,The Hungry Frenchman. Raymond joined Charlie and Sian to talk about his culinary exploration of his home region.

26th January

If you want to take part in the RSPB's annual Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend, visit their website for more details -www.rspb.org.uk

For stars who have it all - good looks, fame and money - being invited on Desert Island Discs as a cast-away is the ultimate accolade. The radio programme is celebrating its seventieth birthday.Victoria Williamson, a lecturer in music psychology at Goldsmiths University of London, helped to give us an insight into what's behind those music choices.

Some of us love to make lists, and then cross off each item when it's completed - feeling proud to have achieved something. Others write down all the things that need to be done - but then never get round to doing them. So what's the secret of a successful "to-do" list? TV presenterSarah Beeny, who says she needs lists to run her life, came into breakfast with psychologistLinda Papadopoulousto explain why we love them.

Sir Thomas Allenis one of Britain's most talented baritones. This year marks the fortieth anniversary of his debut at theRoyal Opera House. In his time he's taken on fifty-four different roles. To celebrate this milestone, Sir Thomas will be performing the part ofDon AlfonsoinCosi fan tutte. Sir Thomas joined Sian and Simon to talk about his amazing career.