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28th March

You might think that with only 121 days to go until the Olympics, professional athletes would be the only ones sweating and stretching in preparation for 2012. But actually, schools around the UK are going to be the first to test out the Olympic Park in this year's School Games. Two of the athletes backing the Games are Olympic Gold medal sprinter,Darren Campbelland Paralympic Double Gold Medallist,Ellie Simmonds- who was a School Games competitor back in 2006.

They may be a bit ugly and possibly a bit scary but bats are actually just 'misunderstood'. And that's all going to change as a new campaign is launched to make this the year of the bat. Despite being a protected species, the number of bats has fallen over the years due to intensive farming and pesticides in hedgerows. Wildlife presenterKate Humbleis backing the campaign and came into Breakfast to tell us more.

Back in 1996 the idea that viewers would be interested in the work of a forensic pathology team might have been strange, yet audiences were fascinated and gripped by the BBC crime thriller Silent Witness. This Sunday the award-winning series returns for its fifteenth season. ActressEmilia Fox- who plays pathologist Dr Nikki Alexander - joined Bill and Louise to talk about the new series.

21st March

They're Britain's hottest musical export and nowOne Directionare making history. Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn have become the first ever British group to get a number one in America with their debut album. The likes of Take That, Coldplay and EVEN the Beatles have never achieved such transatlantic success so early in their careers. Radio One'sScott Millscame into Breakfast to give us an idea about what's finally given the boys the X Factor?

Engelbert Humperdinckis one of the best known names in music and in a couple of months time he'll be representing the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest. He joined Bill and Louise on the sofa this morning to discuss his preparations for this years competition.

Marlon Roudettehas enjoyed massive chart success all over Europe and now he's hoping to match that here at home. He's been particularly popular in Germany - where last year his single became the longest running number one single by a British artist for thirty years. He talked about his plans to make it big in the UK.

Finally, BBC Breakfast said goodbye to sport presenterChris Hollins. We took a lo

14th March

At yesterday'sTV and Radio Industry Awards(TRICS) our very ownSian WilliamsandCarol Kirkwoodboth picked up awards. Sian won for best newscaster and Carol was named best weather presenter.

Since 1976 thePrince's Trusthas been working with young people who have struggled at school, been in care, are long-term unemployed or have been in trouble with the law. To date, the charity has helped more than 650,000 young people. Tonight, the Trust will hold its annualCelebrate Success awards ceremony, recognising the achievements of disadvantaged young people from across the UK.Mike Croneis one of the year's finalists. He joined us this morning along with one of the ambassadors of the charity, actorAdam Deacon.

Richard Gordon's classic series of Doctor novels have been given numerous makeovers over the years. The most famous was probably Doctor In The House which was turned into a film and a popular TV series. But now, there's another incarnation - a stage play starring comedianJoe Pasqualeand Holby City'sRobert Powell- who joined us this morning to tell us more about the play.

Between them,The Four TopsandThe Temptationshave been in showbiz for over 100 years! They've had hits with My Girl, Loco in Acapulco, Papa Was a Rollin' Stone and I Can't Help Myself. Both bands performed for us this morning, andOtis WilliamsandRon Tyson- fromThe Temptations- andDuke FakirandLawrence Payton Junior- from the Four Tops - joined Bill and Sian on the sofa to talk about their upcoming UK tour.

7th March

It's been 15 years since the release of their million-selling debut albumAll Change, and 10 years since they split up, but now Britpop bandCastare back together. Lead singer and guitaristJohn Powercame in to tell us about reunions, going back on tour and the band's new album 'Troubled Times'.

The Globe Theatrein London will host a festival this summer to celebrate our greatest ever playwright - Shakespeare. All 37 of his plays will be performed in 37 different languages by theatre companies from across the world. Charlie and Susanna were joined by festival directorTom BirdandJoseph Abuk, from the South Sudanese Theatre Company.

Adele saysThe Civil Warsare the best live act she has ever seen and last month they picked up two Grammy awards - singer-songwritersJohn Paul WhiteandJoy Williamsperformed live on the sofa.

It's been a good year for comedianJack Whitehall- he's starred in the comedy seriesFresh Meat, just filmed an appearance forThe Secret Policeman's Balland has his own comedy series - all by the tender age of 23. Jack was all over the sofa with Charlie and Susanna this morning!

29th February

Aneurin Barnardwas recently on our screens playing David Bailey in the BBC drama We'll Take Manhattan. His latest role is as a student inHunky Dory. Set in the heat of the summer of 1976, the film follows a teacher's ambitious attempt to put on a musical version of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' set to songs by David Bowie and Lou Reed.

There aren't many bands from the punk rock era that have stuck around, butThe Stranglersare an exception. They've had a few line-up changes along the way, but they've just released a new album,Giants, and are getting ready for a European tour.JJ BurnelandBaz Warnefrom the band were on the sofa to tell us more.

John Cusackis one of America's most versatile actors. His brat pack status in the Eighties was off-set by a wide range of roles in films such as Being John Malkovich and Grosse Point Blank. In his latest project,The Raven, John portrays poet Edgar Allan Poe in a fictionalised account of the last days of his life.

22nd February

Our Entertainment CorrespondentLizo Mzimbawas at last night'sBritsat the O2 in London whereAdelestole the spotlight winning two awards. The singerMaverick SabreandDJ Huw Stephenswere also there and they joined us today with all the gossip. Maverick's albumLonely are the Braveis out now.

John Maguirewent behind the scenes for Breakfast at a costume maker's workshop where many of the outfits forJane EyreandAnonymouswere made by hand. Both films have been nominated for a Best Costume DesignOscar.

The ComedianKevin Bridgesfirst stepped into a comedy club at the age of seventeen now just six years later he's performing to thousands in pack arenas. Kevin's new show explores the stories behind his stand up material.What's the Storycontinues tonight on BBC One at 10:45pm

15th February

A teacher at a sixth form college in Norfolk has got into trouble for telling a pupil who hoped to go to Cambridge that he would have a more enjoyable time if he got C grades and went to Bangor University.Vic Goddard, who's the headteacher of Passmores Academy from Educating Essex, and self-confessed pushy mumAnna May Mangancame into Breakfast to discuss the issue.

Tommy Fleminghas been called the Voice of Ireland. He's celebrating 20 years in the music industry this year - and his career has included six months as an aid worker in Africa and a horrific car accident. Tommy was on the sofa to tell us about his latest UK tour.

Will you be saying hello to your neighbour when you leave home this morning? Do you even know the name of the person next door? A third of us don't, according to new study by the Ordnance Survey.Shiv Malikis an author and journalist andNina Whittakerruns a communities website, they spoke to the presenters this morning about whether we've lost our community spirit.

Do you think much about what you put in your supermarket trolley? You might give it more thought after watching a new programme calledBritain's Favourite Supermarket Foods. The show looks at the health powers of the humble cup of tea and reveals some surprising facts about baked beans. PresenterCherry Healeyjoined Bill and Susanna to tell us more.

1st February

Best selling authorJoanna Trollopeis about to release her 17th novel,The Soldier's Wife. In it, she explores how one woman copes with her husband's return from a tour of duty in Afghanistan as he struggles to adjust to family life. She came in to the studio to tell Bill and Sian how she researched the book.

Juan Zeladagot his big break by impressing one restaurant owner so much he gave up his day job to concentrate on helping him secure a record deal. Now Juan is no longer performing to wedding guests and cruise ship travellers, instead he's about to tour the UK and his debut album, 'High Ceilings and Collarbones', is out soon.

To some it's just a way of greeting people, but to others being called 'love' or 'darling' can be offensive. Bus drivers in Brighton and Hove are being warned not to use these words after one passenger complained she felt insulted when a driver called her "babe".Liz Brewer, an expert on etiquette andBill Hussein,publisher of lifestyle magazine Notion, came into Breakfast to talk about the pitfalls of terms of endearment.

This week sees the start of ' Inside Men ', a drama that follows three employees of a security depot as they plan and execute a multi-million pound heist.Steven Mackintoshplays the manager andAshley Waltersplays one of the guards.

25th January

He beat off competition from the bookies' favourite and the poet laureate to win his first major award. Last nightAndrew Miller'ssixth book,Pure, won Costa Book of the Year. It's set in a graveyard in Paris in the years leading up to the French Revolution and was praised by the judges as representing the era vividly. Andrew came into Breakfast this morning to tell us more.

You might never have heard of a Slow Loris but a clip on YouTube shows why it's becoming so appealing to own one as a pet. Despite it being illegal to own one, the clip has been seen by nearly ten million people and could be part of the reason for a rise in demand. Nature film makerDrAnna Nekarisexplained why their popularity could also lead to their demise.

What present would you get the Queen for her diamond jubilee? The Duchess of Cornwall has gone for something a little bit different. She's asking school children to think of a special meal that will be served to the Queen at Buckingham Palace in June. But it's not the first time that a dish has been created in her honour.Rob Rees, who's cooked for the Queen in the past, andKate Williams, a royal historian, sat down with the presenters to help give us some culinary advice.

It's been pretty hard to get tickets for the Olympics. So imagine if you've been lucky enough to get some but have since found out that babies have to have their own tickets, even if they were conceived after you bought them.Katie O'Donovanis from the website Mumsnet, which has been inundated with complaints about the policy. She was on the sofa this morning withKatie Hopkins, a former Apprentice contestant and mum of three.

He's perhaps best known for playing JD in the American comedy seriesScrubs, but now actorZach Braffis preparing for his UK theatre debut. He's starring in a comedy that he wrote himself about a troubled 35-year-old man and it's already been a huge success on Broadway. Bill and Sian spoke to Zach about the new play,All New People.

18th January

Race goers heading to this year's Ascot meeting in June are being told they must stick to a more modest dress code. Women's skirts and dresses should fall just above the knee or longer, while men are expected to wear morning dress with waistcoats and black shoes or a suit.Nick Smithfrom Ascot Racecourse and Ascot regularLizzie Cundycame into Breakfast to talk about the new dress code.

Television dramas about crime often wrap up cases very neatly. But in the new series ofLaw and Order:UK, the lead character DS Ronnie Brooks is left questioning his judgement on a murder investigation he worked on years ago. The case has raised its ugly head again thanks to a stranger's death bed confession. But DS Brooks convicted the victim's father of the killing years ago.Bradley Walsh, who plays Ronnie, was on the sofa to tell us more.

Over the years many famous musicians and singers have been born and raised in Harlem but not many opera singers. Our next guestNoah Stewartwas. He is one of the fastest rising tenors in the world and has been tipped by many to become opera's next superstar.

Welcome back. She's probably best known as Beth Lacey, one half of the legendary New York detective team,Cagney and Lacey. But nowTyne Dalyis planning on walking the boards in the West End. During a three month stint, she'll be giving her portrayal of the opera singer Maria Callas in a production calledThe Master Class.

11th January

As one of England's cricket stars,Andrew Flintoffwas considered a good luck charm and someone who played not only with great skill and talent but also with huge enjoyment. But away from the pitch, Andrew began to struggle with what he later realised was depression. He's now explored the illness in a new BBC documentary.

Should public money be used to fund movies which few people watch and don't make any profit? That's one of the questions considered by a government review of the film industry, parts of which have been released today. It recommends that the priority for handing out funds should be for mainstream films and commercial successes. DirectorKen Loachwas on the sofa to talk about whether the change will stop some movies from being made.

Stories about the British Royal Family have enthralled cinema audiences over the past 12 months. Last year theKing's Speechwon four Oscars and seven BAFTA awards. NowMadonnais hoping another royal tale will be a hit at the box office. She's directedW.E.- the story inspired by the romance betweenKing Edward VIIIandWallis Simpson.Andrea Riseboroughplays the American divorcée, and she joined Bill and Sian in the studio.

4th January

CBeebiesMr Bloom-Ben Faulksjoined us on the sofa to talk about the new series ofMr Bloom's Nursery. This goes out on January 9th on CBeebies.

The writerMatthew Grahamand the actorUkweli Roachjoined us to talk about their new series -Eternal Law- which returns to ITV 1 tomorrow night at 9pm.

This is time of year when many people are focused on looking after their bodies better...but perhaps the mind should receive similar attention? Today we talked toDr Danny Penman, author of"Mindfulness - A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World," and our culture correspondent,David Sillitowho has been finding out if mind over matter really can help improve pain and depression.

Dame Anne LeslieandMichael White- two political writers who followed Lady Margaret Thatcher closely talked to BBC Breakfast about theIron Lady. The film -Iron Ladyhits the screen on Friday with actressMeryl Streepalready wowing critics with her portrayal of the former Prime Minister.