Ask the expert: Changes to your pension

Image caption, Malcolm McLean of pension consultants Barnett Waddingham

A number of big changes to the UK pension system are likely to occur soon. Do you have questions about these changes?

The increase in the state pension age, for both men and women, is going to be brought forward by six years to 2020. By then you will have to be 66 before collecting it.

Nearly five million active members of the public service pension schemes have been told they will have to pay more in contributions.

Lord Hutton's continuing review of these schemes may well suggest that they become less generous in the future.

And more restrictive rules on tax relief for pension contributions will come in next April.

Malcolm McLean of pension consultants Barnett Waddingham will answer your questions about these forthcoming changes.

Thank you for your questions to date. A selection of your questions and Malcolm's answers will be published on Monday 8 November.