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Watch the spending review debate in your area

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Image caption Britons have been airing their views on spending cuts in a series of regional BBC debates

Following June's "unavoidable" budget, the UK's "age of austerity" will begin this autumn when the government announces the results of its comprehensive spending review.

As part of its season examining the impending cuts, the BBC held debates around England to find out the public's views on what should be cut or saved in their local area - see yours via the links below.

The Spotlight Debate (Channel Islands, South West)

Watch the debate on how public spending cuts could affect people in the South West here on iPlayer.

The South East Today Debate (Kent, Sussex)

Watch the programme on iPlayer, on how people in Kent and Sussex could be affected by public spending cuts.

The South Today Debate (Oxfordshire, South)

Watch the discussion on how spending cuts are affecting people living in the South on iPlayer.

The London Debate

See politicians come face to face with the London public to explain spending cuts on iPlayer.

The Points West Debate (Bristol)

An audience at Filton College debates where spending cuts should be targeted. Watch the discussion in full on iPlayer.

The Midlands Today Debate

How will spending cuts affect the West Midlands? Watch Nick Owen host a special debate on iPlayer.

The East Midlands Today Debate

How will spending cuts affect you? Marie Ashby hosts a regional debate from Derby. Watch this debate on iPlayer.

The Look East Debate (Cambridgeshire, East)

David Whiteley reveals how well the region can cope with the next round of spending cuts. Catch up with the Look East Debate on iPlayer.

The North West Tonight Debate

A debate discussing how people in the region could be affected by spending cuts. Watch it again on iPlayer.

The Look North Debate (North East, Cumbria)

An audience in Durham debates economic issues as spending cuts start to bite. See it on iPlayer.

The Look North Debate (Yorkshire)

Watch Harry Gration host a debate on how spending cuts will affect people in Yorkshire on iPlayer.

The Look North Debate (Yorks, Lincs)

Watch a discussion of what the public sector spending cuts will mean for Yorks and Lincs on iPlayer.