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What are your memories of the Blitz?

Coventry city centre - the morning after the Blitz destroyed three quarters of it
Image caption On November 14, the Luftwaffe shifted its focus to Coventry, one of the most important manufacturing cities in Britain

More than 43,000 people were killed in little more than eight terrifying months during the Blitz, when Britain was bombed by Nazi Germany.

Known in full as Blitzkrieg (German for Lightning War), the Blitz began on September 7, 1940, with more than 300 bombers involved.

Around half the civilians killed were from London; the others came from towns and cities across the country. The Blitz changed the whole of Britain.

The BBC is making a series of films about the Blitz, and a BBC team will be out and about around Britain finding out how it changed your lives.

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