Petrol bomb attack in Londonderry


Four petrol bombs were thrown during a disturbance in Londonderry during the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The petrol bombs were thrown at a police vehicle in Westland Street in the Bogside area, as they patrolled around 0030 BST.

Attempts were also made to move a vehicle. No one was injured.

Police dispersed a number of youths and calm was restored to the area, shortly after 0100 BST.

On Tuesday, a senior police officer in the city described the rioting in the Bogside on Monday night and Tuesday morning as amongst "the worst in a decade".

A masked gunman fired shots at police shortly after 0100 BST on Tuesday.

Petrol bombs were thrown at a police patrol car which was on fire when a gunman appeared and fired five shots at the vehicle from a handgun.

Chief Inspector Nick McCaw said he believed dissident republican were behind the attacks.

Police said they were treating the attacks as attempted murder.

No-one was injured and the gunman ran off.

A petrol bomb was also thrown at a passing van.