'I wish Raoul Moat was alive,' says victim's sister

The sister of the woman shot by gunman Raoul Moat said she wished he was still alive to face justice.

Moat, 37, is believed to have shot Samantha Stobbart, 22, killed her partner Chris Brown and injured Pc David Rathband.

He went on the run and apparently shot himself in Rothbury on Saturday.

Ms Stobbart's half sister Kelly Stobbart said she blamed police for Moat's death and added he should still be alive to be "sent to prison".

She said: "I blame the police. I blame the Taser guns being fired, I heard them myself - you heard the Taser guns going off before he shot himself.

"They've [police] had umpteen opportunities to catch him."

She also said that on hearing of Moat's death her sister had relapsed and had needed an operation for swelling on her stomach.

Ms Stobbart added: "I'm upset and I want to grieve for him but I can't.

"There was a good side and a bad side to him and I witnessed both. I wanted to see him get sent to prison.

'Don't know family'

"Everyone is blaming my Samantha for what happened.

"I've had to come off Facebook, it is disgusting what is being said about her, but they are strangers, they don't know the family."

On Tuesday three men were arrested in raids in Gateshead and Newcastle in connection with the Moat inquiry.

A total of 10 people have been arrested in connection with the Moat inquiry.

Four men and a woman held on suspicion of assisting an offender are currently on police bail.

Two other men have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and possessing a firearm with intent.

Following the latest arrests, a police spokesman said: "The men were arrested from two addresses in Gateshead and one in Newcastle.

"At this stage the investigation is still ongoing and further arrests can't be ruled out."

Image caption Moat is believed to have shot three people before going on the run

The hunt for Moat began on 3 July after he was suspected of shooting Samantha Stobbart and Chris Brown in Birtley, near Gateshead.

Pc Rathband was shot the following day in East Denton as he sat in his patrol car.

After a week on the run, Moat was discovered armed with a shotgun on the banks of the River Coquet at about 1900 BST on Friday. Armed police cornered him and negotiators were brought in to speak to him.

Six hours later the former bouncer from the Fenham area of Newcastle suffered a gunshot wound and was pronounced dead in hospital at 0220 BST.

During the week that he was on the run, police said they received 700 reported sightings of Moat and followed up every single one.

An inquest into his death was opened and adjourned on Tuesday.

It heard two Taser stun guns were fired at Moat in an attempt to stop him killing himself.

Two officers from West Yorkshire Police fired the XRep Tasers - a weapon still undergoing tests although police forces are permitted to use it.

Newcastle coroner David Mitford said Moat died as a result of a gunshot wound to the head.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is conducting inquiries into two elements of the case.

The first is over a warning given to Northumbria Police by Durham Prison that Moat, who was released from a jail term on 1 July, had threatened Ms Stobbart.

The second relates to the police investigation and circumstances surrounding Moat's death.

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