Young fox saved from watery death off Eastbourne

image captionRescuers said the fox looked like a different individual by the next morning

A fox found near death and floating in the sea off Sussex was rescued from the water and made an "amazing" recovery.

Wildlife rescuers were called to help the young animal after it was spotted by a boat entering Sovereign Harbour at Eastbourne.

Trevor Weeks said the fox was so cold its temperature would not register on the thermometer, but it managed to recover by morning.

The fox is expected to be released on Wednesday evening on the seafront.

Mr Weeks said: "The following morning we thought someone must have put a different fox in the cage.

"He had dried out, was up and about, standing and eating as if nothing had happened."

He added: "This is an amazing story and it just shows you how resilient wildlife can be."

image captionThe fox was so cold its temperature would not register

Mr Weeks, from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service, said the boat owner who pulled the fox from the water had saved the animal's life.

The boat's crew alerted the wildlife service just after midnight on Sunday.

Rescuer Tony Neads went to the scene and wrapped the fox in a blanket to try to warm it up.

He said it was breathing, but very slowly, and was not aware of its surroundings.

It was given emergency first aid and placed on heat pads overnight.

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