Five Scots a week die while on holiday in Spain

Image caption Most of the deaths originate in the Spanish resort of Benidorm

Five Scots are dying on average in Spain each week, a funeral director has revealed.

Glasgow-based Frank Lynch, who repatriates the majority of the bodies, said almost all die in the resort of Benidorm.

He blamed a combination of searing temperatures and cold seas for the deaths.

He said that about 400 bodies a year are returned to Scotland from locations including Portugal and Turkey.

Mr Lynch said: "On average, we deal with about five a week.

"In Benidorm, a vast number of Scottish people have bought houses and it's obviously a popular holiday resort.

"They soak up the sun and then jump into the sea, which can lead to heart attacks in some cases."

Mr Lynch warned that it costs about £4,500 to repatriate a body and urged holiday-makers to take out insurance.

He added: "People don't realise the number's so high.

"It's really important to take out adequate insurance and take care in the sun."

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