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Most Scottish schools missing PE targets

image captionThe government wants all children in Scotland to get two hours of PE

A Scottish government pledge that all schoolchildren receive two hours of physical education a week is not being met, new figures have revealed.

Only 35% of primary schools and 23% of secondaries have reached the target since the party took power in 2007.

The figures also showed that only four councils were meeting the party's pledge to deliver PE classes using specialist teachers.

The Scottish government insisted good progress was being made on the issue.

While authorities, including Aberdeenshire, Fife and North Lanarkshire, did not offer two hours of PE in secondary schools, East Renfrewshire hit the target in all seven of its secondaries.

The figures also showed that a majority of pupils were offered two hours of PE in Dundee and the Western Isles.

Labour's sport spokesman Bill Butler MSP, who obtained the figures following a freedom of information request, condemned the SNP for "failing to deliver".

He said: "The SNP promised parents that their children would be guaranteed two hours PE each week with a specialist PE teacher and they have, yet again, failed to deliver."

Mr Butler also complained that councils were not given sufficient funds to meet the target.

Education Secretary Michael Russell insisted his party were making progress and reasserted its commitment to meeting the target.

He said: "The Scottish government, together with our partners in Cosla and local authorities, are committed to young people throughout Scotland receiving two hours quality PE every week.

"Working towards the delivery of two hours PE is embedded within Curriculum for Excellence, which will be adopted in all schools in August and all local authorities are signed up to."

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