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Luton teenager jailed after video exposes rape lie

A teenager who lied about being raped has been jailed after video footage showed her consenting to sex.

Holly Robinson, 19, told police former boyfriend David Antonucci, 27, attacked her in his car in January 2009.

However, video footage from his mobile phone showed she was a willing participant.

Robinson, of Marsh Farm, Luton, pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice and was jailed at Luton Crown Court for nine months.

DNA taken

Judge John Bevan QC, sentencing, said: "False allegations of rape undermine true allegations of rape.

"This allegation went on for a very long time. Fortunately [Mr Antonucci] had recorded the incident and it makes it clear it was not rape."

The court was told Robinson, of Petersfield Gardens, began a relationship with Mr Antonucci in October 2008.

It ended on 31 December but they got back together on 19 January 2009.

Robinson alleged that on 31 January Mr Antonucci had put his hand over her mouth as he raped her.

Prosecutor Daniel Siong said: "He had to endure the humiliation of having his DNA taken and his clothes were seized.

Using cocaine

"He had to walk home in police issue clothing in the freezing cold when there was snow on the ground.

"He felt angered and embarrassed by the false allegation. His three computers and mobile phone were seized."

The victim also had to pay £800 to discharge his mobile phone contract.

The court heard Mr Antonucci's phone showed sexual activity that was consensual and that Robinson had been a willing participant.

Steven Garrett, for the defendant, said Robinson, who now has a child by a different man, had been using cocaine and was drinking heavily at the time, but had now stopped.

Det Sgt Steve Facer, of Bedfordshire Police, said: "It is disappointing when a person irresponsibly makes a hoax call or lies to the police as in this case, as the time and resources spent investigating these allegations could have been used to help genuine victims of crime."

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