Group claims speed camera nets £1.3m a year in fines

A campaign group has claimed a speed camera on a Dorset road nets about £1.3m a year in fines despite one serious injury on the road since 1999.

Dorset Speed said an average 1,843 motorists a month get a £60 ticket after being caught over the 30mph limit on the A350 Holes Bay Road in Poole.

But Dorset Safety Camera Partnership (DSCP) said about 600,000 vehicles pass through the junction every month.

It added that "only 0.26% of these drivers were prosecuted for speeding".

Ian Belchamber, who founded Dorset Speed, said the DSCP refused his Freedom of Information request claiming the data would encourage attacks on speed cameras.

Speed review

Mr Belchamber took the case to the Information Commissioner who released the figures.

He added that the fines totalled around £108,000 a month, equating to the £1.3m figure.

Mr Belchamber said: "Quite obviously, speed cameras are being deliberately used where they are going to get the maximum amount of funds and not where there's a safety problem.

"I have nothing against speed cameras and speed limits, they play a big part in the overall strategy in place to look after the roads.

"The problem we have here [are] limits which are being made much too low."

'Pedestrians and cyclists'

The camera was originally installed several years ago, to catch drivers going through red traffic lights but was changed into a speed camera in July last year under an initiative called Speed on Green.

DSCP said it conducted a full consultation with the Borough of Poole Council before installing it.

"The road is very busy as it caters for pedestrians and cyclists as well as motorised vehicles, and as a result has been designated a 30mph speed limit," it added.

"We are working hard to reduce this figure further but need the assistance of the motorists to achieve this aim."

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