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Inverness moor blaze 'extinguished'

Fire crews tackling a large blaze on woodland, gorse and moorland outside Inverness have said the fire has now been extinguished.

Firefighters with backpacks of water had been dousing hot spots on land near Milton of Leys and Daviot.

Police said smoke was no longer affecting visibility on the nearby A9.

The fire front stretched to almost two miles and was fanned by high winds on Wednesday evening. At its worst, flames reached up to 30ft (9m).

Smoke billowing from the scene was visible from Inverness city centre.

Drifting smoke

Northern Constabulary said the fire was reported about 2010 BST on Wednesday in Tomfat Woods about five miles (8km) south of Inverness.

The fire spread quickly and residents of nearby Milton of Leys were advised to close their doors and windows against drifting smoke.

Police said: "The cause of the fire is unknown and will be fully investigated in due course, but at this time police and fire officers in the Highlands are reminding everyone to be mindful of the risks of starting fires in the current dry conditions."

Raymond Finlayson, Inverness station watch manager, said the fire had been extensive.

He said: "It was quite a spectacular blaze which was moving towards a forestry plantation.

"Thankfully it stopped in time before it got into the plantation proper."

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