Woman cautioned after dog attacks Fordingbridge sheep


A 72-year-old woman has received a police caution after her dog attacked sheep in Hampshire.

Officers from the country watch team received a complaint after the Salisbury woman twice let her dog roam free at Martin Down nature reserve, Fordingbridge.

Her five-year-old Doberman gained access into a fenced-off area.

The dog pinned down two sheep and caused an injury to another sheep's leg, and later set upon a lamb.

'Rare occurrence'

The first incident occurred on 11 June, after which the owner was given a verbal warning by the site manager.

A second attack took place on 25 June, following which the woman was arrested by police on suspicion of owning a dog which was worrying livestock.

She attended a police station on 2 July for questioning and received a police caution for the offence, the force confirmed.

Robert Lloyd, senior reserve manager for Natural England, said: "Fortunately, this is a very rare occurrence and the vast majority of visitors with dogs who come to enjoy Martin Down abide by the request for close control.

"We very much welcome the police's action in response to this matter."

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