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Victim's father's plea to Tyneside gunman Raoul Moat

The father of the injured ex-partner of gunman Raoul Moat has pleaded with him to give himself up.

Speaking publicly for the first time since his daughter Samantha was shot, Paul Stobbart urged the former doorman to end the rampage for the sake of his granddaughter.

Mr Stobbart said: "Raoul, son, please this has to stop. We don't want anyone else hurt, nee more son."

Moat, 37, met Miss Stobbart, from Birtley, six years ago.

At the time he was working at a Newcastle nightclub and the couple went on to have a daughter, now aged three.

But the family broke down when Moat was jailed for 18 weeks for assault.

Since his release on Thursday, Moat is alleged to have shot three people, killing one of them.

The former nightclub bouncer's ex-girlfriend was shot twice after her new partner Chris Brown, 29, was killed in Birtley, Gateshead on Saturday.

Pc David Rathband, 42, was shot in his patrol car in Newcastle on Sunday.

Trainee hairdresser Ms Stobbart, who was shot through a window on Saturday, is presently seriously ill in hospital under armed guard.

Image caption Miss Stobbart's father urged her ex-partner to give himself up

Mr Stobbart, who is in his early-40s, said: "Raoul, everything you are doing is jeopardising my relationship with my grandchildren - you know they mean the world to me they are my life, simple as that.

"You know, Raoul, the children are number one, nothing will happen to them.

"I will make sure of that. What sort of legacy is this for your daughter?

"You know I won't lie if she asks about her dad, how good a dad you have been and how bad it has turned out.

"I want no-one else hurt, this has gone too far.

"I am a family man and my heart is in bits. Please hand yourself in."

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