Analogue TVs no longer sold by UK retailers

Image caption, The process has already been completed in parts of the country

Analogue television sets are no longer being sold at major retailers across the UK, ahead of the digital switchover in 2012.

Digital UK, which is overseeing the move, said that no analogue TV sets were sold in the UK in May.

Around 5 million homes have already made the transition, with 20 million due to follow.

The process has already been completed in various parts of the country.

So far, Wales and the West, North West, Borders and West Country regions of England have been switched over, and the transition is now under way in Scotland.

Digital UK said research has found that 31% of people aged over 65 in areas, where the switchover has been completed, feel more "tech-savvy".

Also, 90% of respondents said they felt digital TV was as good, if not better, than analogue.

Digital UK chief executive David Scott said: "There is clear evidence that the benefits of digital TV are welcomed by the vast majority of those who have upgraded, most of whom have found it a straightforward process."

Radio switch

Meanwhile, senior government sources have told the BBC that a firm date for the radio switch is yet to be announced.

Last year, the Labour culture secretary Ben Bradshaw set a target date of 2015 for the switchover, which will make 100m existing analogue radios obsolete.

The new coalition government has said it is "completely committed" to the project but has not confirmed that date.

In a statement, the Department for Culture Media and Sport said: "We understand the concerns about digital switchover and are working closely with all stakeholders, looking in detail at all the issues including coverage and cost to the consumer, to consider how a transition from analogue to digital radio can best be delivered. "

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