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Israeli soldiers escape 'dance routine' penalty

Six Israeli soldiers have escaped being penalised after a video of them doing a dance routine while on duty in the West Bank went viral in Israel.

The video shows the troops breaking into a choreographed dance routine, set to US singer Kesha's dance hit Tik Tok.

It was originally removed from YouTube, but has since reappeared.

Initial reports said the six were facing disciplinary action, but the army later said the soldiers were just fooling around and no harm was done.

The YouTube user who originally posted the clip identified it as "Battalion 50 Rock the Hebron Casbah", the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.

It shows the six - armed with assault rifles and kitted out in bulletproof vests - doing a combination of the Macarena and the chicken dance to the catchy dance track, before twirling in pairs and skipping out of camera shot while holding hands.

After it was taken down, it was re-posted by a user who added the title: "It's easy to laugh at the occupation when you're the oppressor (and a douchebag)."

Hebron is home to about 160,000 Muslims, but some 500 Israeli settlers live in the centre of the city with a heavy Israeli security detail.

On Monday, Israeli TV stations picked up the clip and aired it repeatedly.

The military called the video a "stunt" and said the troops' commanders had been informed.

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