Swedish feminists burn cash in wage equality protest

image captionThe party wanted to highlight that women still earn less than men

A Swedish feminist party has publicly burned 100,000 Swedish kronor ($13,000; £8,500) in a protest against unequal pay.

The Feminist Initiative party said the money represented the sum Sweden's women miss out on every minute in comparison to men.

The party hopes to win its first seat in parliament in elections on 19 September.

The notes, thrown on to a barbecue, had been donated by an advertising agency.

Feminist Initiative leader Gudrun Schyman told onlookers on the island on Gotland that in a political campaign the money she set ablaze was only a drop in the ocean.

"It may seem desperate to burn 100,000 kronor," Ms Schyman said. "But the situation is desperate as well."

The national statistics agency reported in 2008 that Swedish women working full time on average earned 19% less than men.

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