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Simpsons replicas banned from Merthyr couple's wedding

image captionGlyn Stott, partner Roy Culliford and the Simpsons' replicas

A couple have criticised a register office for refusing to allow them to bring life-size models of the Simpsons into their civil partnership ceremony.

Glyn Stott and his partner Roy Culliford, both from Merthyr Tydfil, are huge fans of the American cartoon series and wanted replicas of Homer, Marge and family to be present on their big day.

But staff at Cardiff register office vetoed their plans, saying the models were too big and not "solemn and dignified" enough.

The couple went ahead with the ceremony at Cardiff City Hall but had to content themselves with a Simpsons-themed cake and theme song for the wedding march.

They will also spend their honeymoon watching videos of the hit series rather than sunning themselves in exotic locations.

Mr Stott, 34, said: "It was a real shame. I love the Simpsons and I really wanted Homer and Marge by my side.

"We still Simpsoned it up by having the wedding cake and the theme song but we couldn't take Homer and Marge with us.

"The register office staff said they had services on before and after ours so we couldn't fit the models in.

"They are very, very large. Marge stands over seven foot tall (2.13m) and Homer is over five foot (1.52m) and they're both very heavy.

"It's a shame because it would have been special to have them come along. We all know Homer likes to party."

'Seemly behaviour'

A spokeswoman for Cardiff City Council said: "The policy and guidance from the registrar general states that the registrar should always insist upon the seemly behaviour of the parties and their witnesses.

"All ceremonies (marriages and civil partnerships) should therefore be solemn and dignified.

"It is Cardiff council's view that this request was outside that definition and could not be permitted."

Mr Stott, who is a shop manager, is so dedicated to the cartoon family he has set aside a room in his home as a shrine to them and spent around £100,000 on memorabilia and collectable items.

He is the proud owner of just four of 1,500 life-size collector's models worldwide which went on sale when the Simpsons Movie was released in the cinemas.

The Marge model weighs five stone and has the extra height because of her huge shock of blue hair.