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Map of locations linked to the hunt for Raoul Moat

Fugitive gunman Raoul Moat has died after shooting himself following a six-hour stand-off with armed officers, say police.

The incident, in the Northumberland town of Rothbury, came after a week-long manhunt for Moat. The 37-year-old was wanted over the shooting of his ex-girlfriend, her new partner - who was killed - and a police officer.

The final events unfolded over more than a day of intense police activity:

1326 BST: Police involved in the stand-off with Moat fired two Taser stun guns at him, the Independent Police Complaints Commission reveals. Northumbria Police Temporary Chief Constable Sue Sim later says "officers discharged Taser" while "striving to persuade Moat to give himself up peacefully".

0443 BST: Northumbria Police confirm Moat died in hospital after shooting himself and was pronounced dead at 0220 BST.

0313 BST: Police sources tell the BBC Moat is dead.

0218 BST: Northumbria Police confirm that "no shots were fired by police officers" and "it appears the suspect shot himself".

0155 BST: An ambulance, accompanied by two police cars, is seen speeding away from Rothbury. The convoy later arrives at Newcastle General Hospital.

0137 BST: Eyewitness Peter Abiston, whose house overlooks the scene, says he believes the man shot himself.

0121 BST: BBC producer Claire Kendall reports hearing two shots coming from the riverside area. Paramedics are seen arriving.

0109 BST: Night vision cameras reveal a number of armed officers with their weapons trained on the man believed to be Moat. Rain is now falling heavily in Rothbury.

0034 BST: The grandmother of Samantha Stobbart, Moat's former girlfriend and one of his alleged shooting victims, says she's surprised at what has happened. Agnes Hornsby told the BBC: "I thought he would come out shooting so they would shoot him. I just didn't think he would want to go back to prison."

Image taken with night vision camera showing armed police officers Night-vision cameras show a number of armed officers close to the suspect

0019 BST Saturday, 10 July: Susan Ballantyne, who lives near the scene, said police officers entered her home and told her to get back from the windows. "A lot of marksmen came through the house from the back entrance," she added.

2359 BST: About 100 wedding guests are stuck inside the Coquetvale Hotel, about 200 yards from the scene of the stand-off, after being told by police they cannot leave. Hotel manager Chris Greaves told the BBC the situation was "surreal": "On one side knowing this incident is going on, on the other listening to a DJ doing party games. There are some people going outside, but we are trying to keep people inside. For example, this evening they were having a hog roast, which had to decamp to the inside."

2345 BST: The BBC's Daniel Sandford says he's been told by a relative of Samantha Stobbart - Moat's ex-partner whom he is accused of shooting - that she has received a phone call from the police confirming that the man on the riverbank is Raoul Moat.

Start Quote

So long as he's a danger only to himself they'll be happy for it to take as long as it takes”

End Quote Police officer

2330 BST: One police officer guarding the cordon tells the Press Association: "There's a professional police negotiator from Northumbria Police down there speaking to him. The negotiator was part of the search teams. Giving him a drink of water is standard practice. Putting the search lights on him is for our benefit." The officer adds: "This could go on all night. So long as he's a danger only to himself they'll be happy for it to take as long as it takes."

2319 BST: The BBC's Danny Savage says he's spoken to people who are convinced they saw Moat in the centre of Rothbury on Thursday night. Those reported sightings led to a police helicopter hovering over the town for four hours, during the small hours, in the hope of spotting him. Our correspondent says the helicopter is now hanging back, away from the town, in case the incessant noise from its rotors stresses out the man on the riverbank and causes him to do anything rash.

2256 BST: Eyewitness Susan Ballantyne tells the Press Association what she can see from her upstairs window: "They have trained two spotlights on him. I think he is talking to the police, but he's too far away for me to hear what he is saying. Watching this going on, it's not frightening but Rothbury is such a lovely place, we don't want it to be known for something macabre. I hope it ends well and there is no more bloodshed."

2248 BST: Rothbury councillor Steven Bridgett tells the BBC the man is sitting "less than five metres away from a tunnel that runs under the village". He says all the locals know about it - many played in it as children - and it is big enough for a person to hide in.

Armed officers, including one with a Taster, involved in stand-off with man thought to be Raoul Moat A police cordon is in place around the scene of the negotiations

2240 BST: The BBC's Daniel Sandford says the police will be in no hurry now - as they see it, they have the situation under control and resolving it will take as long as it needs to. Our correspondent says that although that could take some hours yet, this extraordinary series of events is nearing its end.

2230 BST: BBC Newcastle reporter Helen Richardson says Northumberland Fire and Rescue are sending lighting equipment to Rothbury to allow officers involved in the stand-off to see clearly as night falls.

2222 BST: The BBC's Fiona Trott says former footballer Paul Gascoigne appeared a short while ago at the police cordon. She says he posed for some pictures with children before driving off.

2215 BST: One eyewitness, Billy, tells the BBC that he saw the man on the riverbank as he was out walking. "We turned away when my partner realised it might be Mr Moat and about five seconds after that two police vehicles came on to the scene. Armed officers exited the vehicles, told Mr Moat to lower the weapon, which he refused to do, but he did kneel down and point the weapon at his head. The officers then quite sensibly stood back pointing their weapons at Mr Moat, until they received back-up from other officers. Since then, Mr Moat has remained kneeling, pointing the weapon at his head, whilst a group of about 10 police officers have been negotiating with him."

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Police are behind shields or police Land Rovers or lying prone with the weapons trained on him”

End Quote Peter Abiston Eyewitness

2205 BST: Unconfirmed reports suggest a friend of Moat's has been brought into the police cordon. Former firearms officer Andy Redhead tells the BBC about the thinking behind such a strategy: "They'll want that person to say, 'Listen, do what the police are saying, put down the gun. It's over. Don't do anything daft. Nobody wants to see anyone else get hurt.'"

2152 BST: The BBC's Fiona Trott, in Rothbury, says there are unconfirmed reports that a friend of Moat has been escorted into the police cordon.

2135 BST: One witness Lee, says his mother-in-law Kathleen is inside the police cordon. He tells the BBC she said it had "started off quite small" and the police came down in force "very quietly, there wasn't sirens going or anything".

"So they quietly did it, the police just went down there, and then the person who had the gun to his head started moving away around the wall, and Kathleen could not see exactly where he went, and then the police told her to get back in the house."

2129 BST: Police have imposed an air exclusion zone on the area.

2128 BST: A witness tells the BBC's Fiona Trott a police helicopter had searched the area where the man has been found during the early hours of Friday morning. He says most residents had previously assumed he was hiding outside the village.

2100 BST: Witnesses report seeing a man with a shotgun pointed under his neck. Peter Abiston tells the BBC he can see the man sitting down from his window.

Police officers and vehicles in Rothbury At least ten armed officers are surrounding Moat

He tells Radio 5 Live: "The man, who looks like Moat, wearing a baseball cap and white trainers, is being confronted by about 20 police about 20 feet away from him. He's sitting with his back to the river, facing the police and has what looks like a shotgun under his head.

"Police are behind shields or police Land Rovers or lying prone with the weapons trained on him."

2000 BST: Northumbria Police say a man who fits the description of Moat has been located in the riverbank area in Rothbury. They are currently negotiating with him.

An ambulance crew is on the scene.

1927 BST: Local people in the Rothbury area are advised by police to stay inside for safety while a major operation takes place.

1230 BST: Three mobile phones used by Moat are recovered by police.

Armed police set up a cordon around the National Trust's Cragside Estate in Rothbury.

Police say a further two people, a man and a woman, were arrested on Thursday on suspicion of assisting an offender.

1100 BST: Police have confirmed they received reports of potential sightings of Moat in Rothbury town centre last night, and that enquiries into these sightings are still ongoing.

There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work which is continuing, a police spokesman added.

1000 BST: An RAF Tornado with imaging equipment has joined the hunt after a request from Northumbria Police, the Ministry of Defence said.

The aircraft earlier carried out a search of the area, which is now complete. An MoD spokesman said the search was conducted in line with "routine military assistance procedures".

0040 BST Friday, 9 July: Northumbria Police say two men arrested in the Rothbury area on Wednesday on suspicion of assisting an offender have been bailed pending further inquiries.

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