Amber Valley council action over parking fines

A Derbyshire council is to take court action against about 200 people with unpaid parking fines.

Amber Valley Borough Council said it would seek county court judgements and engage the services of bailiffs in an attempt to recover the debt.

The £50 or £70 penalty charges date from when the council acquired parking enforcement powers in February 2009.

Officials said the system had a robust appeal process and ignoring a penalty would not mean it went away.

Councillor Jack Brown said: "We would like to point out that those people who do not purchase pay and display tickets, or who park inconsiderately, are preventing legitimate car park users from parking.

"We would also urge motorists who get a Penalty Charge Notice not to ignore it as this Council will do everything in its power to recover outstanding fines."

Fines can be discounted by 50% for early payment but also increased by the same amount if the case goes to court, he added.

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