Banes Council drivers trained to save 10% on fuel costs

Staff who drive for Bath and North East Somerset (Banes) Council are being trained to drive more efficiently in a bid to save 10% on fuel costs.

The council's 300 van and lorry drivers used £1.5m worth of fuel last year, so that would mean a saving of £150,000.

They travel over 1.8 million miles a year providing services like meals on wheels and inspecting the roads.

The advice to drivers includes avoiding heavy braking and using the right gear for the road conditions.

Barry Richards, from the council's driving management team, said: "We've been training now for three months and we've had fuel improvement savings on our vans of up to 19%."

Councillor Charles Gerrish said the training would also "help us achieve our aim of reducing our carbon emissions by 30 per cent by 2014".

Pam Burton, from the museums department, is one of 110 drivers who have already undergone the training.

She said: "The things we are being taught are not just being learnt, they are being applied in our day-to-day duties and will deliver savings in the long-term.

"I will also pass this knowledge across to my daughter so she too can drive more efficiently and reduce her impact on the environment."

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