Inquiry over 'shootings' at trains near Abingdon

British Transport Police are investigating whether a firearm was fired at two trains in Oxfordshire.

A train windscreen and passenger window were damaged during the incidents on Wednesday evening at around 2000 BST, police said.

One westbound service and one eastbound service were affected passing through the Stocks Lane crossing in Steventon, Abingdon.

Passengers and rail staff reported hearing loud bangs from a nearby field.

Both trains were equipped with double glazed windows and in both cases only the outer frames were broken.

No one was injured during the incident and police urged anyone with information to come forward.

Dan Payne, a spokesman for First Great Western, said: "It's a very serious incident for us.

"The police tell us that there were some youths playing in the area that might indicate that it was a shooting but it could just have easily been throwing rocks."

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