SmartWater to deter Silverstone Grand Prix thieves

Police in Northamptonshire are using SmartWater in a bid to trap campsite thieves during next week's Silverstone Grand Prix.

Up to 250,000 people are expected to attend and police said thieves struck the campsites last year before the main action had even begun.

"Trap tents" are being kitted out with SmartWater which is only visible under ultra violet light.

Officers will then use ultra violet light torches to spot the thieves.

The Grand Prix takes place from 9 until 11 July.

SmartWater is almost invisible to the naked eye and each solution has its own DNA-style code identifying its origin.

Once dry the solution will remain on items for more than 100 years and is virtually impossible to remove and rubs off on anyone who handles the items, police said.

Det Insp Stuart Hitchon said: "I am hopeful that we can stop a lot of these criminals even arriving at Silverstone in the first place.

"We have written to many of our known suspects politely requesting that they do not make the trip to the Grand Prix."

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