Welsh boy's parents called after drinking in Newquay

A teenage boy from Wales has been sent back home from Newquay after being questioned by police over shouting and damaging property while drinking.

The parents of the 16-year-old boy were called and his father had to sit in with his son during a police interview.

The boy had also used his brother's passport to gain entry to local clubs.

Police said they were again warning that they would call parents of unaccompanied young people found involved in suspected illegal activity.

Drunk and unaccompanied

Clubs are also being asked by officers to be vigilant when checking identification, partly as a result of the boy's use of someone else's passport, officers in the town said.

Police added that the boy's father said he was glad of the police intervention.

The action of sending the boy back home to south Wales was taken as part of the Newquay Safe Partnership scheme, which was set up following the deaths of two teenagers in the town in 2009.

It aims to promote safe, enjoyable and responsible holidays to young people visiting the seaside town.

Last month, two 15-year-old girls from Bristol were sent home after being found drunk and unaccompanied in the Cornish resort.

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