Pet monkey goes missing on the Barbican in Plymouth

A pet Marmoset monkey has gone missing on the Barbican in Plymouth.

Ten-year-old Bonnie, who is the size of a domestic rat and about 15cm (6ins) tall, went missing on Sunday, at about 2130 BST.

Bonnie ran from his owner, Peter Powell, after Mr Powell tripped and fell to the ground.

Mr Powell said Bonnie was his "constant companion". If found, Bonnie should be taken to any Plymouth vet, as all have been informed of the lost primate.

Latin America

Mr Powell said: "Bonnie tried making his way home. The harbourmaster gave me back his harness and lead which he managed to untangle himself from.

"Quite a few people have said it's not the same seeing me without him and it's strange to feel the weight of him on my shoulder when he's not even there."

Marmosets originate from Brazil and usually live in the upper canopy of trees in forests.

Mr Powell said: "I'm worried about him because he needs a specialist diet of fruit and vegetables, but he also needs live insects to eat."

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