Airliners plot: The Verdicts

The investigation into the plot to explode liquid bombs on airliners between the UK and North America led to a series of linked trials of the main defendants. The ringleaders and one of their foot soldiers were tried twice. Three other foot soldiers were tried three times. A final member of the conspiracy was tried once and separately. Two other men were cleared of any involvement in the plot.

A further three men were convicted of terrorism related offences as part of the investigation, but they were not convicted of offences relating to the airlines bomb plot itself:

  • Abdul Muneem Patel, convicted in October 2007 and jailed for six months for possessing material useful to a terrorist.
  • Nabeel Hussain, convicted in December 2009 and jailed for eight years for engaging in conduct in preparation to commit acts of terrorism.
  • Mohammed Shamim Uddin, convicted in December 2009 and jailed for seven years for possessing material useful for terrorism and possession of a firearm.