Over 60s get test kits for bowel cancer in Oxfordshire

Home testing kits for bowel cancer are being sent to those aged between 60 to 69 in Oxfordshire as part of a national screening programme.

Each year about 150 people die of bowel cancer in the county.

The tests can be sent off for analysis with 98% of people expected to receive a normal result.

The remaining 2% will not necessarily have cancer, but require further tests which is likely to include further examination.

Bowel cancer is the third most common cancer in the UK and the second leading cause of cancer deaths.

Tom Porter, consultant in public health for NHS Oxfordshire, said: "Although some people may find the test a little embarrassing, it can be done quickly and hygienically in your own home.

"The obvious benefit of screening for a condition like bowel cancer is that the earlier the condition is picked up, the earlier treatment can start. Early treatment saves lives."

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