Anti-social behaviour message on cabs in Leicestershire

Black cabs in Leicestershire and Rutland are being used to tackle anti-social behaviour.

A total of 25 taxis will carry the slogan: "Tackling not tolerating: We're tackling crime and anti-social behaviour on your area."

Officers want more people to report issues like vandalism, graffiti and nuisance neighbours.

Ch Insp Martin Halse, of Leicestershire Police, said everyone had a right to enjoy the summer.

Other messages

"People are on the streets - it's a beautiful day today - and everybody's got a right to enjoy that without having to fear for their own personal safety, or have people aggravating them when they're in the garden at home.

"If people do find issues with street drinking or rowdy behaviour, please report them...

"Sometimes a word of advice is sufficient to these people, but some of the small percentage of really hardened anti-social criminals, we know who they are and we will deal with them using all the powers at our disposal."

In the past Leicestershire Police have used taxi advertising to carry information about the introduction of the Policing Pledge, and its Christmas drink-driving campaign.

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