TV advert to tackle rape myths

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Scotland's first TV advert aimed at tackling prejudice against rape victims is being broadcast.

It will be aired as new figures suggested nearly one in five Scots believe a woman can be partly responsible for rape if she is drunk.

The advert shows a woman enjoying herself at a bar in a new outfit with the message that there is never an "excuse" for rape.

Rape Crisis Scotland said the aim was to make people "stop in their tracks".

The survey of more than 1,000 people was carried out on behalf of the Scottish government by Cello MRUK.

It found that 23% of people thought a woman was partly responsible for a rape if she was drunk at the time of the attack.

A total of 17% thought the woman bore some responsibility if she was wearing revealing clothing.

In the advert, which is being broadcast for the first time on Monday evening, a woman is shown asking a shop assistant to help her decide which skirt to buy.

She tells the assistant: "I'm going out tonight and I want to get raped. I need a skirt that'll encourage a guy to have sex with me against my will."

National co-ordinator of Rape Crisis Scotland Sandy Brindley said the advert was designed to shake out ingrained prejudices many Scots have towards women who have been raped.

Scottish actress Laura Fraser, who has backed the campaign, said: "Changing these women-blaming attitudes is a solid starting point for making women safer in Scotland."

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