Police chief Matt Baggott nabs speeding driver

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Matt Baggott has stressed the importance of 'personal policing'

A motorist driving near Banbridge felt the full force of the law this week when he was stopped for speeding.

For the police officer giving him the reprimand was none other than the PSNI chief constable Matt Baggott.

Mr Baggott regularly talks about the importance of "personal policing" and he put that into action on Thursday evening after addressing a meeting in Newry on the matter.

The chief constable was driving back on the A1 dual carriageway in an unmarked police car when the offending motorist passed him.

Mr Baggott and his colleagues tailed the driver and directed him over to the hard shoulder where the PSNI chief had a word in the driver's ear.

He then called a team of police officers to the scene and the motorist was booked.

"Like every other police officer the chief constable has a duty to enforce the law, prevent and detect crime," a PSNI spokesman confirmed.

"While returning from a public engagement meeting in Newry on Thursday evening, police attention was drawn to a vehicle travelling on the A1 road near Banbridge due to the manner in which it was being driven.

"The chief constable and his colleagues, stopped the car and carried out initial enquiries prior to the arrival of local police officers who are currently carrying out further enquiries in relation to possible motoring offences."

Ironically, Mr Baggott had told the public meeting on Thursday that he wanted to have "real conversations" with communities about the reality of policing.

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