Loughborough railway trespass children warned

British Transport Police officers have issued a warning to young people who continue to trespass on the railway.

The move follows an increase in the number of reported trespassing incidents in Loughborough.

And in some cases officers have been alerted to children thought to be as young as eight years old playing around train tracks.

Incidents of stone throwing and the misuse of crossing telephones have also been reported.

British Transport Police (BTP) has highlighted two hot-spots where young people persistently trespass in the area - the bridge over the River Soar and Allsopp Lane crossing.

Sgt Karen Barker said: "BTP officers work closely with Network Rail and train operating companies to educate young people about the dangers of going near the railway line because trains can't swerve and they can't stop suddenly.

"The railway is not a playground. It can be a very dangerous place and people shouldn't risk their lives for what they may see as a bit of harmless fun.

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