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Pipe bomb attack on Derry home


A man whose home was attacked last night in Londonderry said he is being victimised because of his past.

A pipe bomb was thrown at his house in Hawthorn Drive, Hazelbank, at about 0100 BST on Friday.

Gavin Nixon was inside with his partner and two young children at the time but they were uninjured.

Mr Nixon, told the BBC he had been convicted for possession of herbal cannabis with intent to supply, but was no longer involved in drugs.

He said he had already received a death threat from the vigilante group Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD).

They have been responsible for a number of attacks on homes and people in the last year.

Following the threat three weeks ago, Mr Nixon left his home, only returning this week for the birthday of his son.

"I told them I would take urine samples, do anything," said Mr Nixon.

"I am not involved in drugs. I've got two young boys now and I wouldn't want drugs anywhere near me or my children.

"I was leaving again this morning, but now I'm going nowhere. They are not putting me out of my town."

The pipe bomb was thrown at the front door and caused some scorch damage.

SDLP councillor Mark H Durkan said it was a "cowardly and despicable attack on innocent children" and was "beyond justification".

In 2007, Mr Nixon was sentenced to two years in prison after he was caught in possession of £50,000 worth of cannabis.

He had travelled to Amsterdam to collect the drugs.

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