Elderly pair threatened in their Southend home

A knife-wielding gang have entered a house in Southend, threatening its occupants, aged 60 and 90, in an aggravated burglary.

The gang of six youths raided the house in Southchurch Boulevard between 2345 BST on Wednesday and 0145 BST on Thursday.

The youths, aged between 14 and 20, threatened a man, aged 60, with a knife and a piece of wood, demanding cash.

The woman of 90 was verbally threatened.

'Frightening experience'

The gang, which may have included a girl, rummaged through the man's belongings and stole credit cards and a mobile phone.

They went through the woman's handbag taking cash and bank details.

Investigating officer Det Con Alex King said: "Waking up to find intruders in their home was a frightening experience for these two elderly people.

"Thankfully they were not injured and this type of crime where occupants are confronted by burglars is rare."

Anyone with information in connection with this burglary is asked to call Essex Police.

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