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Injured Aberdeen baby 'not hurt in fall from bed'

High Court in Livingston
Image caption The trial at the High Court in Livingston heard medical evidence

A nurse has told a jury it was "quite obvious" that severe injuries suffered by a six-week-old boy could not have been caused by falling from a bed.

Raymond McPhee, who denies attempted murder, was left to care for the baby, whom he said fell down the side of a bed in 2008.

The baby's mother later took him to Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital.

Nurse, Nicole Bauwens, told the High Court in Livingston she did not think he was hurt in a fall from a bed.

She said: "He appeared to have swollen eyes and blood around his mouth.

"It was quite obvious in my experience it couldn't have been caused by a fall from a bed."

Medical attention

The baby's mother woke up in the morning to find him "floppy" and "out of it", and rushed her son to hospital, the trial has heard.

Mr McPhee is alleged to have pinched the baby repeatedly on the head and body, struck him on the head, face and body, forced something into his mouth, squeezed the child and shook him, as well as restricting his breathing with a pillow, or by other means.

The alleged assault is said to have endangered the baby's life and left him severely injured, permanently disfigured, and permanently impaired.

Mr McPhee further denies a second charge, of failing to get the baby medical attention.

The trial, before Lord Uist, continues.

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