Cambridgeshire Police in staff recruitment freeze

Cambridgeshire Police force will not be recruiting any more staff "for the forseeable future", it has been announced.

Chief Constable Julie Spence said she had ordered a recruitment freeze and a "root and branch review" of overtime management.

The news came following the announcement of government spending cuts.

Mrs Spence said more than £1m had been "trimmed" from their annual grant.

"I think we all knew that the cuts, when they came, would be tough," she said in her weekly internet podcast.

"What we weren't quite expecting was the significant £1.2 million trimming of this year's government grant to the force.

"However grim the clampdown on spending becomes, our priority -indeed our duty - is to ensure that we continue to police communities and neighbourhoods at today's levels.

"That will not be easy and if further cuts come there is no doubt that despite our best efforts there will be an impact on frontline services."

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