Toronto pair arrested over G20 summit 'plot'

image caption, Security across Toronto has been heightened ahead of the summit

A man in Toronto has been charged with possession of explosives in what police say is an arrest related to a G20 summit in the Canadian city.

Police said Byron Sonne, aged 37, was held after a raid on a home in midtown Toronto on Tuesday.

His partner, Kristen Peterson, also 37, has also been charged.

Police said the investigation was part of the ongoing effort to ensure "a safe and secure G20 Summit" held in Toronto this weekend.

Ms Peterson was charged on Thursday with possession of an explosive device and possession of a weapon.

Publication ban

Local media said more than 50 officers were involved in the raid on the couple's home.

Police officials said they executed a search warrant which led to the arrest of Mr Sonne.

He was charged on Wednesday with intimidation, threats against the justice system, possession of dangerous weapons and mischief.

Details of his court appearance on Wednesday are subject to a publication ban.

In a statement, Canada's Integrated Security Unit (ISU), which is responsible for the security of the G20 summit, said: "There is no risk to public safety."

The ISU Police declined to give further details about the arrest.

Mr Sonne is expected to appear again in court later this week for a bail hearing.

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