Witney evictee's tarantula goodbye gift

image captionBaboon tarantulas can grow up to 9cm across

The RSPCA had to be called after a man, evicted from his Oxfordshire home, left behind 20 jars containing venomous baboon tarantulas.

Roger Sutton, 62, was removed from the property in Colwell Drive, Witney, on 9 June following complaints over the noise and smell of his 23 dogs.

But when environmental cleaners were called, they found the pots containing the African creatures.

Baboon tarantuas can be aggressive and inflict a painful but non-deadly sting.

They can grow up to 9cm (3.5in) across.

'Barking dogs'

Housing association A2Dominion contacted the RSPCA, who collected the spiders last Thursday.

A2Dominion area director Laurinda Hornblow said: "We can confirm that about 20 tarantulas were discovered in secure jars, during an environmental clean of the property in Colwell Drive, Witney."

The association say Mr Sutton kept close to 40 dogs at the property, and restoring the house to a liveable condition will take weeks.

In March Mr Sutton was fined £2,000 fine and ordered to pay £500 costs after failing to comply with a noise abatement notice over his barking dogs.

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