Assembly allowances bill held up


A bill which was meant to pave the way towards a new system of allowances for Assembly members had to be taken off the Stormont agenda.

This was after the DUP registered objections.

Sinn Fein's Chief Whip Caral Ni Chuilin asked why the bill was not going forward.

She explained that it was meant to be about setting up a new independent body to govern the allowances for all members.

However, the Deputy Speaker John Dallat told her he understood that the Assembly commission had agreed not to proceed with the measure.

The Assembly commission is the cross party group which deals with the day to day running of Stormont.

DUP sources have yet to clarify what their objections to the proposed new system are, but it is thought they may be unhappy about changes to the resettlement allowance.

However, other politicians have expressed disquiet about the delay in the Assembly reforming its expenses regime.