UK police give football kit to South African orphans

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Some orphans have disabilities or are HIV positive.

Officers from Merseyside and Greater Manchester are among a team of UK police on World Cup duty, who have visited a South African orphanage.

A team of 12 officers from across the UK travelled to South Africa to help authorities police the event.

They took time out to visit TLC orphanage at Eikenhof outside Johannesburg, where they handed out football shirts.

Kit was donated by Liverpool FC, Manchester City and Tranmere Rovers.

The officers, who had been on uniform duty at the England USA match, approached local football clubs before the trip to ask them to donate goods for the visit.

The volunteer-run TLC orphanage, set up 17 years ago, cares for 70 babies and children, some of whom have disabilities or are HIV positive.

Ch Supt Dave Lewis, from Merseyside Police said: "Football is an international game and the children here, like those in Merseyside, love it.

"They were absolutely delighted with the football gifts that were donated from our local clubs and I've no doubt that they will be wearing the shirts for months to come."

"Their carers do a fantastic job and we wish them well."

Pc Cliff Lea, from Greater Manchester Police said: "It was overwhelming. It makes you realise how much we can take for granted.

"It's fantastic that someone is there to fill the void and offer a loving and caring home for these kids.

"Where would those children be without the people here who are looking after them?"

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