Kashmir strike over man's death

Image caption, Javed Ahmed is the third civilian killed in police firing in 10 days

A strike is being observed in Indian-administered Kashmir to protest against the death of a young man.

Javed Ahmed died after security forces opened fire on an anti-India demonstration in the capital, Srinagar, on Sunday.

He is the third civilian to be killed in police firing in the past 10 days.

The authorities have imposed a curfew in most parts of central Srinagar to prevent fresh street demonstrations.

Sunday's protests turned violent after the funeral of another man who was allegedly beaten up by security forces a week ago. Mohammed Rafiq Bangroo died on Saturday.


Monday's strike, called by various separatist groups, has closed shops in most parts of the Muslim-majority Kashmir Valley.

There is little traffic on the roads and attendance at government offices is thin.

Pro-India political parties have also condemned what they describe as "excessive use of fire power by the police".

"The government has declared war against its own people," the president of the People's Democratic Party Mehbooba Mufti said.

Authorities transferred the police chief of Srinagar, Riaz Bedar, after Sunday's incident.

A police spokesman said the forces fired in self defence after a baton charge and tear gas failed to disperse a violent mob who attempted to set a police vehicle on fire.

Last week a strike was observed in Indian-administered Kashmir to protest against the death of another boy who locals said was killed by police.

Tufail Ahmed, 17, died from a head injury during clashes between anti-India protesters and the police.

Anti-India sentiment runs deep in Muslim-majority Kashmir, over which India and Pakistan both claim sovereignty and have fought two wars.

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