Papers speculate as Budget looms


Many newspapers put the Budget on their front pages, the day before the government reveals its plans.

The Daily Telegraph has learned that public sector workers are facing a steep rise in their pension contributions to help cut the deficit.

They will be expected to pay hundreds or even thousands of pounds more each year into their pensions.

The Times says business leaders are demanding new union laws to cope with the surge in industrial action they expect after the cuts are announced.

It says she agreed a deal with ITV worth £4m, hours after the BBC withdrew a £1m contract offer.

'Keep calm'

It says taxpayers' money is being given to Britons living abroad who claim they are too sick to work.

But many of the 10,000 expats claiming Incapacity Benefit have been receiving the payments for more than five years without their cases being reviewed.

The Sun's front page is a play on a wartime propoganda poster as it urges the England national team to "Keep calm and carry on".

"Don't panic," the paper says, England could still win "this crazy World Cup".

They believe his austere regime has made it impossible to relax between games and they are also said to want to see their wives and girlfriends.

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