DUP MP wants PSNI Facebook probe

Image caption, Gregory Campbell has spoken to the police about the website

DUP MP Gregory Campbell has made a complaint to the police about Facebook groups which he says individuals have used to issue threats against him.

Mr Campbell has been prominent in the media in the past week following the publication of the Saville Inquiry.

One site appears to include a photograph of the MP with a bullet hole through his forehead.

Last year, Facebook removed a page which incited racism against ethnic minorities in NI.

Mr Campbell said the Facebook pages were "vile" and "vicious".

"A small number threatened to have me attacked if I appeared anywhere on the cityside of Londonderry. Others were more precise in their threats," the East Londonderry MP said.

"A similar site was also set up which contained a picture of an altered election poster with a bullet hole through my forehead."

That image has now been removed.

Mr Campbell said that when he discovered that more than 700 people had signed up to support one of the sites, "action was called for".

He added: "I have been in touch with Facebook to ensure that the sites are closed down and also with the police to investigate if those responsible can be prosecuted."

Mr Campbell, who has criticised the amount of money spent on the Saville Inquiry, said that he was entitled to his own view of Bloody Sunday.

"Whether they are stopped or persist, it will have no impact whatsoever on my determination to speak out on matters such as this," he added.

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